Join the Survey: Marketing Agencies Research Study 2017

May 8, 2017

Business & Marketing World and DevriX are organizing a survey among marketing agencies and companies offering marketing solutions. The survey form went live on May 7th and currently targets over 300 marketing services providers in the US, Europe, and […]

Internet Business

Software Tools Used By Small Businesses

February 9, 2017

As a business professional, you must adapt different business techniques so to avoid lay back of your business. Day by day business techniques is changing with the advent of technology. As an entrepreneur, you must […]

Home Based Business Opportunities

Essential Tips Before Starting a Small Business

February 6, 2017

Planning to start up with your own business? Neither mind whether that should be small or big, opening a small business also requires much effort. I will recommend knowing the basic before getting started with […]


Cubicles vs. Open Office – Is There a Winner?

February 6, 2017

Google has revolutionized the working environment with the “open office” policy which means that an entire floor (or a large space that can accommodate a hundred people) is wall-free. The concept was a response to […]


Why Choose Influencer Marketing

February 3, 2017

No matter whether you are in a business for several years or just planning to start a business soon, you need to be updated and had a strong grip on marketing. A good business idea […]

Starting A Business

How to Start a Greeting Card Business

October 7, 2016

            Everyone can start a greeting card, which can surely be an exciting thing to do, in case you have a liking for words, design, and creativity. If you can […]

Small Business

How to Start a Pop-up Shop

October 7, 2016

According to Storefront, a company that helps link pop-ups with real estate, retailers save up to 80 percent by opting for a pop-up store instead of a traditional retail one. Source: Reuters If you are […]

Money-making Ideas

Easy Money-making Ideas for Teens

October 7, 2016

Making money for any youth may not always see as an easy assignment. However, that does not mean one use to feel dismay about the same. Teenage years are the ones where youngsters love to […]

Money-making Ideas

Wealth Creation Tips

October 7, 2016

Wealth is the glut of material resources, or the means to accoplish them all, that’s money. There are some people who get that wealth formation is not just the result of employ business skills. The […]