10 SEO Free Tools to Start Your Search Engine Optimization Journey

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. – Steve Jobs-

Before we get into the details let us first know what SEO stands for, yes it stands for Search engine Optimization. Basically, it is the process of getting traffic from them “free” “natural” or “editorial” search results on the search engine. Examples of search engines are Yahoo, Google and Bing they all have primary results were pages, blog content posts, videos, and images are shown and ranked based on how and what the search engines interpret as relevant to the user.

SEO is a marketing discipline which relies heavily on making non-paid search results be visible in the search engines. SEO focuses both on the technical and creative elements required to improve ranking, awareness and traffic drive. One of the questions you might be asking right now is why would your website need SEO? The answer is very simple because search engines are pack with the largest web traffic meaning people rely on them heavily and you need visitors for your site to be deem useful.

Social media might give and direct visitors on your site but search engines are go-to of internet users when looking for almost anything they need. If search engines cannot find your site, you are missing out on the opportunity to drive more visitors and traffic to your page.

Search engines are a genius itself but they also need help for what to show in the first page results. The right SEO tool and strategy can get you thousands of visitors and increase attention to your site but the wrong move can bury you deep in the search engine page results.

Gladly even if SEO is hard and complex itself you can still easily understand how this works. Most people can understand the basic concept of SEO. So to get you started here are ten free tools to help you in your search engine optimization you can definitely use them and learn from them. Though this won’t immediately guarantee a spot on the first-page result a little goes a long way.

Google Search Console

This might be the best free SEO tool for beginners if you are planning to learn only one SEO tool then might as well learn from this one. It is extremely useful and powerful because this type of SEO tool is about the overall health of your website. This can give you an insight of how many URLs have you passed and how many of them are indexed in the search engine.

They also have the feature called “Search Analytics” that allows you to review your performance from time to time on the Google search engine. So you can see if your website is generating attention or not. Though the numbers they show correspond to your performance don’t get disappointed with the result make it a learning point on improving your SEO strategy and how you can boost your progress more.


SEMrush gives you not just data about your company/website it also gives out information on how well or not your competitor is performing and what is happening to their site too. What you have to do is copy an URL and input it in the search tab the next thing you know you are provided with the variety of data that can be useful in helping you push your SEO efforts.

Although SEMrush can be seen as overwhelming because of the data they can gather don’t rush in analyzing all. You would want to make sure you have solved the previous problems present and then move on from them.You can also start by reviewing the backlists data. This will be useful if you want to see the competitors’ performance over yours.


When you’re new to SEO or don’t know which keywords are needed to align with your industry then this free SEO tool is for you. The concept of this tool is simple it brings simplicity to the process of keyword research. Try running in few searches it is easy to use and navigation is smooth so no problem in using this tool. This also won’t give you nonsense data and usually shows search results of what you are looking for and how relevant they are to your keyword.


If Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are your browser then you need to learn more about SEOquake and how it can give browser extension. This is SEOquake’s main features you need to be familiar with.

Instantly consults an on-page SEO audit of any web page, yes including your competitors’ pages

  • Analyzes the internal and external links of any web page
  • Compare URLs and domains, in real-time action
  • Export data for future relevant use

This free tool gives you an insight of what you are doing and may point out what needs to be changed.

Keyword In

Keyword In will help you find a more creative substitute for your basic keyword planners. It is free and fast to use, just think of a word input it in the search bar and wait as it gives you the best long-tail keywords for your website. Though this isn’t really for everyday use you can use this for when you need new blog post title. This tool will surely come in handy.


The name doesn’t give us clues on how we can use this tool. Well, Gogretel gets you an instant viewing of whether your website follows Google webmaster guidelines or if you’re straying off it. They also offer you information in different categories, basic information, content analysis and speed and usability.This is something you would want to use from time to time and not daily. It also a good way to track your competitors’ performance.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This free Google tool is to get a fast answer to the idea if your audience is having a good mobile-friendly experience with your site. This is just for what it offers; it shows a screenshot of what and how your visitors view your page when they are using their mobile phones. ┬áBelieve me or not mobile-friendly sites get more visitors because most people are using their phones to access search engines. So if your site isn’t a mobile-friendly page then you need to change it fast.

Varvy SEO Tool

Like Gogretel this site helps you determine how well a page follows Google guidelines. Tackles 14 key areas of the Google guidelines like Googlebot access, mobile devices, security, accessibility and page speed to name a few. If the category is show in green it means you are good to go and when it shows in yellow then you need to fix it or it needs updates. You can rely on this tool to double check if your website is still in with the Google guidelines.


You can use this tool to see how your site is doing in the search engine results ad also provides tips for improvement. If you’re happy then obviously don’t change anything. You can also experiment with title changes and how this can affect your ranking in the search engine test.

Google Keyword Planner

This one is also a must for beginners. It provides comprehensive and detailed search results that can be immediately put into action. This also works with paid traffic it shows you keywords you can and cannot afford.

If you are new to SEO keep this in mind, you will be needing a lot of searching for keywords and keyword to use.

And that is how you can take your SEO journey with a head start. Try using this tools and apply it to your website and surely it will make a leap in the marketing related goals. Go on and start your SEO journey now!

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