13 Sites for Beautiful Free Images for Your Website Blog Content

Finding a relevant and a beautiful image for your Blog posts could be a real pain, right? One could either go for paid images either at Shutterstock or Istockphoto and get the complete right for use of the images and no attribution would be required. But what if you could get stock images for free for your business that has just started, I guess everyone would love to have free stock Images for their business.

But if you are going for free ones, you must have the complete idea of which one to use and what if attribution is required or not.

Today, we would be sharing 13 such websites which do offer free stock Images for Business starters for website or Blog content.

Before proceeding to the same, why don’t we get to clarify over copyright categories, Basically there are 3 such categories:

1. Creative Commons

This is the one which we call CC Images, either it is CC0 or CC 2.0. Creative commons is a non-profit organization which empowers free sharing and utilization of creativity and information through free legal tools. There are several types of CC licenses differing based on their required attribution or certain uses and no changes.

Ex: CC0 License means the photographer/artist has surrendered all rights to his/her work, i.e the creator no longer holds the ownership of the work in any meaningful sense under copyright law. The use of the Images/art or any work does not require any attribution.

CC 2.0 work either it is any Image or art is free to use, share, adapt for any purpose even commercially, nobody could revoke you as long as license terms are followed.

Attribution is required, i.e the user has to give an appropriate credit to the license and even indicate if any changes has been made to the art

2. Public Domain

Images in this categories are those whose copyright has expired or never existed, i.e they could be used anywhere, for any purpose either is for personal or commercial and hence does not requires any attribution or credit.

Public domain Images may occur either through a Creative common zero (CC0) license or the image is not copyrightable or maybe copyright for the Image has expired.Public domain Images are marked with either Public domain mark 1.0 or CC0.

3.  Royalty free

Royalty free Images are those images which are actually purchased by the user from the licensor and hence licensed for any use in several projects without many restrictions for the one-time payment.No attribution or credit is required at all for the use of the Image.These Images are purchased unlike the other right-managed licensing when the fee is paid based on how the Images are going to be used. You may ask Shutterstock, the major of all organizations providing royalty free Images.

Let’s get back to what we’re here to know about, i.e list of 13 such websites who are providing free beautiful Images for website and Blog content.Sites listed below would be either public domain or creative common and hence they do not require any attribution while using the Images for your Blog or website content.You could use the Images in these websites without any worries and copyright violation, however, we would also suggest giving your attentiveness and thoroughness while using.

1. Pixabay

According to Wikipedia, Pixabay is founded in 2010 in Germany by Hans Braxemeier and Simon Steiberger as a personal Image collection. Later in 2012, it was redesigned to an interactive online community where anyone could share his/her own clicked photographs for public domain use. Supporting 26 languages, you could find the best CC 0 Images required for your Website Blog content.

Therefore, anybody is permitted to utilize, alter and redistribute the pictures uninhibitedly – even in business applications – without requesting consent and without accreditation.

2. Gratisography

Offering very high-resolution free Images photographed by ‘Ryan McGuire’ is a personal Image collection with a very deep and creative imagination varying from people, whimsical images, nature, animals and so forth.

  • All photographs licensed under CC0.
  • Images could be used both for personal and commercial projects.
  • Free of copyright restrictions.

3. Unsplash

Praised as a world’s leading photography websites by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine is an open sources web site for sharing and downloading copyright restrictions free high-quality Images under the Creative commons zero license.

  • Any photographer could upload a photo which might be curated by photo editors.
  • Downloading copyright restriction free Images with no attribution required.
  • More than 25,000 contributing photographer, releases 10 new high-quality Images every 10 days.

4. New Old Stock

Known especially for old vintage photographs from the public archives, famous for it’s historical and 1980’s photos could be used in historical kind of Blogs.

  • Vintage photo from the public archives.
  • 1890’s based photographs.
  • Personal and non-commercial use(Article, Blog posts, personal projects, hero images for your 404 page).

5. Death to the stock photo

Unlike of other sites which do offer you to download by visiting their website, rather they would ask you to provide your email and they would send a monthly package of photographs for free. Also, at the time of signup, they would provide you with a welcome package of Images.

  • Delivers Images monthly to your inbox
  • Images could not be claimed as your own.
  • For commercial use.

6. Magadeliene

  • One free high-resolution photo every day
  • Browse a full repository with search box option for quick results.
  • Submit feature allows any photographer to submit their own clicked photos.
  • Most Inspirational photos with a very deep meaning.
  • Licensed under CC0 public domain.
  • Attribution is required(Users must give credit to the photographer).

7. Public Domain Archive

  • Free high-resolution public domain Images.
  • Have a wide range of collection from modern, vintage, nature and offers a list of categories for quicker results.
  • Premium membership with just $10 month with extra benefits like a Bulk download of all Images, plus extra high-resolution photos and advertisements free browsing.
  • Free for personal as well as commercial use.
  • No attribution is required.

8. Good Free Photos

This site could be most helpful for your Business if you are dealing and operating just for a specific location.Offering high-resolution Images categorized on the basis of location could help you find the most relevant and appropriate Images(Could be of much help for travel Blogs and others as well)

  • Country/ place location based category.
  • ‘Submit Photo’ feature for the photographers.
  • Search box option for quick results.
  • Copyright free photos licensed under CC0.

9. Free Range Stock

  • A wide range of creative Images collection.
  • ‘Contribute’ section for photographers allows sharing revenue generated by Adsense.
  • Copyright free, public domain Images.
  • Attributes is not required, rather we would suggest you give a backlink for the credit of the photographer

10. PickUpImage

  • Public domain photos, free to download high-quality premium stocks.
  • Copy, modify or even distribute for personal as well as of commercial purpose.
  • ‘Upload’ section for photographers., and the photographer name would be credited in the contributor’s section with the details of photos they shared, their views and downloads as well.
  • Search box option for keywords based quick results.
  • ‘Destination’ section for travel Blogs based in USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia etc.
  • ‘Tags’ section for location-based photos.

11. Pexels

  • Daily 100+ new high-quality photos.
  • Licensed under CC0 license.
  • Free for use without any attribution for both personal and commercial use.
  • Can modify, copy or distribute the photos.
  • They have an ‘contribute’ section which allows you to either upload a photograph or PayPal donations.
  • Currently having more than 25,000 stock photos, and uploading with more than 3,000 every month.

12. 1Million Free Pictures

  • More than a million photos, They have a huge quantity of photos, however, they may sometimes lack in the quality while providing the quantity.
  • However, it is not mandatory, but they do request to give a credit back to their Blog while using Images.
  • 100 pictures uploaded on daily basis. The photographer ‘Toper’ says himself in his page, he is not a professional photographer and you might not like the quality of the Images but sharing 100 photos every day and improving on his photographing skills is what he is targeting for.

13. PdPics

  • Repository of free public domain Images clicked by their own in-house photographers.
  • A wide range of collection of flowers, food, Animals, Art, Sports, Technology and so forth.

These are the opportunities within our list available for a website which offers free beautiful Image for your website’s blog content. However, there are more than 50 such websites who offers the same, but this is a list which we find most appropriate and most used by for personal as well as commercial purposes.

So, next time when you would need an Image for your website Blog content, we hope you would not have to worry anymore and our post would be able to deliver some assistance for your Blog and hence Blog or website content.

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