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As a business professional, you must adapt different business techniques so to avoid lay back of your business. Day by day business techniques is changing with the advent of technology. As an entrepreneur, you must work hard and match each footstep with the changing world.

Business tools or management tools are generally referred to as the tools that help the small business owners in managing their business. There are certain finance and accounting tools that are part of the small business tools. The accounting tools are used to record and for reporting the financial information of their company. On a survey basis, this report is being generated to list the top business tools that are being used by the online entrepreneurs.


WordPress is the platform that currently powers 27% of the Internet. While it has started as a blogging platform in 2003, it has been a proven content management platform for the past 6 years and recently used as an application framework (by innovative hardware engines, mobile applications and more).

WordPress is free to use and easy to set up, but partnering with a professional web developer or a development company can provide you with an ultimate engine that automates your processes online and generates value for you and your customers.

In addition to a website engine, WordPress can be extended toward an eCommerce platform, membership website, or a social network.


Skype, owned by Microsoft, needs no introduction. In the past few years, it has been the leader in the VOIP calling. Even those who are not small business owners use this tool for calling.

Using this tool you can communicate with other entrepreneurs, guests, your team members and other essentials for the business. Apart from VOIP calling, the premium feature of Skype facilities you with landline calling and on the cell phone.


Are you looking for an image editing tool? Then here is a free online tool that helps in making graphics. These graphics are designed for the social media and blog posts.

PicMonkey is very easy to use and can make graphics that are fun and are shareable. Though the tool is free to use but if you need to go for some other fonts and features then unlock the premium tool that is available for $33 once in a year.


If you are an author or a writer or an editor or a publisher, then this tool must be of your interest. This tool can be termed as the author’s word processor.

Scrivener allows you to compose, edit, research, outline and map the book projects that contains too much of writing. This software tool makes you compatible to write books, edit them and map images to it. Scrivener software tool costs about $40.


Infusionsoft is used to automatically process marketing and sales for a small business. It combines your business CRM, Lead capture, e-commerce and email marketing. Thus it can be termed as a platform that offers sales marketing and email marketing. It also helps with customer’s lifecycle and relationship management.

It manages the emails of the small business, thus organize the effort and looks after the online sale of the business. The infusionsoft software starts at a cost of $199 every month.

WordPress owners can leverage the power of free CRM solutions connected to their WordPress website, such as DX Sales CRM.


Software for doing digital products shopping is known as Gumroad. It can be referred to as a checkout software that can be easily installed on any website. This software makes it possible to process the delivery of the digital goods and also support pay about the pricing.

Gumroad is absolutely free software but charges a 5% on each transaction. It is an e-commerce and payment software.


The most known e-commerce service provider that allows customers to add shopping experience on the top of your own website. It helps in the management of inventory control. In Shopify, you can place your order online and thus payments are processed online. Shopify can be termed as a software build for the online store. At a month, Shopify charges $29 in addition to the transaction fees. Thus Shopify can be termed as an E-commerce and payments sites.


Google needs no introduction. Whenever we try to search for anything we go to Google. Voted as the top search engine, Google is used worldwide.

It provides knowledge about anything and everything known to man. Whenever a webmaster creates a website the main thing that he waits is the ranking of his website in the search engine. The more the higher the rank of the website in Google, the more it would be clicked and gets fame and earns money. Google is absolutely free and can be used anytime you needed.

Moreover, the Google stack provides a suite of other tools such as Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and a multitude of services used by tens of millions of businesses on a daily basis.

My Store Locator Plus

My Store Locator Plus is a SaaS location search solution that provides a Google Maps on steroids for your website. It’s platform-agnostic, which means that you can integrate it within your existing website solution.

My Store Locator Plus is often used by restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops and other chains that would like to list their venues on a map. Hotels utilize it for listing nearby stores and entertainment places for their guests. Distributed company can display a map with their employees and where they are at the moment.

The location service can detect your location and recommend nearby venues that you can visit, which provides a much more streamlined user experience for users.


A Gmail plug-in which replaces the sidebar but shows to whom you are communicating with is called the Rapportive.

As the business owner, you can view to whom you are communicating with along with your past conversation with him, their links to the social media sites, pictures and location of the person or business with whom you are communicating. It is also used to find out the email address. After getting the match, Rapportive shows their email address along with their picture.


Also once known as SEOmoz, is a very helpful tool for those who believe in marketing online. For professionals of online marketing, it gives a list of products, its services and also the content of the inline marketing. One can also find that how their site can rank in a better way through Moz. Though services offered by Moz are absolutely free, Moz Pro subscription can cost $99 every month.


If you want to manage the budget of your company then go for This is a finance software that helps you keeping the record of small businesses. The software facilitates the individuals and the couples through their personal budget software available on this site.

YouNeedABudget can track the income and the expenses made by you. Track your debt and other financial need through this software. A 34 day trial period is provided for the first time users whereas after that $60 is the price of the software as decided by the owner.


A scheduling tool that keeps a record of your appointments and thus informs you. ScheduleOnce is integrated appointment scheduling tool that works online. You need to synchronize your Google calendar in order to use the tool.

The main useful feature of this tool is that from the beginning you can book certain time every week for meeting as per your convenience. Though this tool is free but if you want to enjoy some premium facilities then go for premium features at a cost of $5 every month. The premium feature includes options like multiple calendars and can also remind you of meeting through email.

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