Top 10 Marketing Trend in 2017

For any Business at the end, we have to analyze our actions, their effectiveness and how were they benefiting our Brand or sales. No matter what were our most focused marketing techniques we have used either it is internet marketing like pay per click, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing or non-internet marketing like SMS marketing, TV or radio, we need to analyse whom of them were most effective and most cost appropriate as well depending on your budget and pre-plan your new list of marketing techniques and platforms for the upcoming year session.

So, basically out of more than 150 marketing techniques out there, we have tried to figure out the best 10 of them which would be most effective, relevant and cost saving as well.

The Top 10 Marketing Trend for 2017 and How to Work on Them in a Smarter Way:

1. Content Marketing

  • Create an interactive content, which is not just to read, There should be content with which user could actually engage and interact with.
  • Focus on user generated content, i.e any form of content either it is Blogs, discussion forums, posts, reviews, chats, comments and so forth that is created by your user for your Business.
  • The ‘Storytelling’ technique: Storytelling works in marketing because the human brain is hardwired to recall them. Making an extraordinary story for your business additionally, gives another advantage. An incredible story slices through the messiness of (excessively) data.

“ Don’t simply focus on getting the attention of readers, As marketers, we have to hold it to let them really know about our Business or products/services.”

  • Create content which is friendly with virtual reality and Augmented reality, with the popularity of VR, It has been predicted to disrupt every industry. So now content should be generated in such a way that it contains locations or places with immersive environments as in any VR, location is a character.So, with the change in the devices you user would be using, we have to change accordingly. Like we made responsive websites once for mobile friendly when the smartphone was about to dominate the computers and laptops.

2. Video Marketing

  • LiveStreaming: Social media organizations like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, that offer the capacity to either live-stream – or share video content in a “live-ish” form to be played on request by adherents at a later time – have made a domain of evident straightforwardness and thus helping to build trust.
  • With the dramatic increase in the effectiveness of video marketing as in user engagement, the year 2017 would be better for anyone looking for leads, sales, traffic and so forth. So Growth more videos.

3. Understand Your Market and Potential Customer

Higher potential customers → Higher conversion rates → Higher sales

Simple formula, isn’t it?Regardless of whether it’s enormous information, little information, statistical surveying information, or investigation for the site and online networking, the more you think about your intended interest group, the better you can market to it. Information has dependably been a major part of promoting, however, is going to be a key segment in 2017.

4. Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile friendly: As of June 2013, the internet shopping champions were – you got it – smartphones. They formally passed desktop PCs and portable PCs, gathering 55% of customer shopping time spent online as measured, when contrasted with 45% for laptops and desktops joined.
  • Mobile friendly Email: While you are doing email marketing, Email should be designed in such a way that it is mobile friendly because more than 60% of the email exchanges are done over smartphones.
  • Mobile friendly video: Similarly as with email, you have to guarantee that your video looks great on cell phones. This will probably drive a move toward expanded vertically-arranged video creation

5. Paid Promotion

  • Advertising: Brands should slice through the commotion and broaden the reach of their content dispersion in 2017. Promoting settles both issues pleasantly. For those two reasons, promotions will see more prominent use via web-based networking media and pursuit.
  • Native marketing: According to Wikipedia, It is Online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. As per a study, 70 percent of individuals need to find out about items through content, instead of through customary promoting. Besides, individuals see local promotions 53 percent more frequently than pennant advertisements.

 6. The ‘Marketing Automation’ Technique

  • Bots/chatbots: As we as a whole know, our clients need snappy reactions and moment administrations. With the client mind operators getting calls and preparing demands, clients need to hang online for an additional time. Be that as it may, when the ChatBots coordinated with the informing applications, that made an impeccable mix for your business.
  • Email, either important message or promotional email campaign could be automated.
  • Social media, Try not to have room schedule-wise to sit on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day drawing in with your gathering of people? Have a go at computerizing your online networking stages. A program like Hootsuite is an awesome program for connecting the majority of your online networking accounts in one single area

7. Social Media Buy Buttons

Conversions, income, business, and benefit — they all rely on upon the Call to action. The CTA is so intense, so vital thus foundation to the achievement of any web based showcasing activity.

With the expanding fame of availability and online networking stages, it was the characteristic next stride for advertisers to take given the medium’s wide reach and nature for the personalization of offers. As indicated by a 2015 e-Marketer report, Facebook is the online networking stage that drives more changes took after by Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The presentation of these catches will patch up the connection between the buyer and the business.This development of social showcasing can possibly move the essential destinations for web-based social networking promoting from brand attention to a more grounded concentrate on the lead era.

8. Internet of Things(IOT) Marketing Applications

In the coming years, there will be substantial accentuation on UX (including voice and touch signals) while planning IoT gadgets for information utilization. It will be less demanding to take a shot at IoT that depends on UX frameworks since one of the essential utilizations of IoT in the computerized showcasing space is that of information social affair. Fresher gadgets will work to give information that was beforehand thought to be hard to be mined.

It might be a case that organizations should assemble upgraded breaking down frameworks as this rich information will require more than a basic exceed expectations spreadsheet. There may likewise be the requirement for an expansion in information investigator parts in advertising offices. It will be critical for advertisers to boost customers to share their information and present clear advantages to the user. Furthermore, this is the reason we would require IOT promoting applications.

Although vital, a key thing to recall is that in spite of the fact that the IoT development is quick drawing closer, so The primary concern will be to wind up noticeably a specialist with investigating and handling the information you have now so you are completely arranged for additional!

9.Affiliate and Co-Marketing

Co-marketing is when two organizations work together on special endeavors for a co-branded offer. In a co-marketing association, both organizations advance a bit of substance or item and share the consequences of that advancement. By severing the relationship and reach of an accomplice, co-showcasing efforts are intended to convey more leads, buzz, and mindfulness, with less work.

However, Affiliate marketing is a definitive type of marketing correspondences since it’s a “pay-per-execution promoting” strategy i.e. it’s a bonus based course of action where the dealer or business offering items just pays when they make the deal or get a lead.However, Affiliate promoting is not all that appropriate for business items or lower estimated purchase items since it won’t be adequately productive for the associates, so it might be hard to enlist adequate offshoots.

10. The ‘Data Driven Marketing’ Trend

With enormous information anticipated that would turn out to be significantly “greater” in 2017, Organisations are figuring out how to gather, store and investigate what shows up as an unlimited sea of data. To succeed and ‘remain above water’, many have gone to the acknowledgment that it is client information that is the absolute most imperative component for any association. Advertisers, specifically, have reclassified their parts as ‘information-driven advertisers’, where information is vital to their points.

Here is few more reason’s why data-driven marketing is going to be a need now:

  • Single person→ Multiple devices → Multiple data, Enormous data
  • Would not be able to calculate ‘Return on Ad spend’(ROAS).
  • CTR(Click through rate) would not be that much reliable as a metric.

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