How to Keep a Positive Position: A Guide for Start-Ups

When starting a new business, we can easily feel lost and confused about what to do, how to start, who to ask for help and so on.It’s natural to feel this way, but it’s a must to stay positive and always have a North. “A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success” said the Joyce Brothers once, but how can we stay positive when feeling lost, scared or overwhelmed in front of such a challenge?

We must always remember how fascinating yet mysterious can the human being be, still, we can be as successful as we want to be only if we try to. Good things always come with sacrifices but how can we try to make it nicer while struggling with stress, anxiousness or scare? Being positive. Of course, failure will be always an enemy waiting for us to give up and beat us, but just as

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

-Winston Churchill-

The world of business is quite a complex thing and nobody said starting a new one was an easy task, in fact, it could be considered as a challenge in which not everyone gets out victoriously. But they key to success is based on a positive attitude, among other things, of course. But how is this possible? Well, let’s picture it this way. Imagine having all the required elements to build something up, in this case, a business. Plans, money, objectives, work staff, etc., but there’s something that you, as an entrepreneur, are lacking an optimistic attitude. 

Plans won’t flow if you’re always standing on bad expectations, therefore, the rest of the things won’t work correctly, money risks be spending, not investing. Objectives won’t be accomplished, etc. But how? Well, if you don’t accept that the beginning of this hard process of starting a business, isn’t an “easy peas”, hard times till demotivate you.

1. Always Be Constant

It is a must that you hang in there and always try to be constant. Always expect the best and take little steps, ‘cause remembers that you must learn to walk before learning to run. In case things are not going well or as expected, you can always look for advice or assessment before quitting.

2. Breathing to Stay Positive

As funny as it might sound, breathing is one of the best ways to stay positive. “How comes?” You may think, well, when we’re going through and stressful situation, our mind tends to work in a not so clear status. Breathing helps us to oxygenate our brain and ideas will flow easier.  

3. Five Minutes Break to Relax

It’s not a secret that an exhausted brain doesn’t work as good as a relaxed one therefore, always take a few minutes to relax leave work for a minute and clear your head and try to solve whatever is stressing you, from another perspective.  

4. Motivation is Everything

Besides a good attitude, motivation is everything. I highly recommend you to always have something that motivates you, as a front. Something like being successful, accomplishing goals, work in order to travel, etc. We must take in count many aspects if success is what we’re looking for and keeping a positive mind or position during the whole process is definitely one of them.Additionally, when starting a new business it is important that you take into consideration three basic tips before anything.

5. To Decide

We must be clear minded in what we want to do and where do we want to go with our new business. How am I going to start my new project? “What should I do first?”  “What if I fail?”  These are some of the interrogatives that will pop up in our heads at the first phase of the whole process of starting a new business.

6. To Plan

It is highly recommended that -if it’s our first time developing a business from the bottom- to search for help and advice from others who have already built their own project and have to succeed at it.

7. To Manage

To get to this part, we should have done correctly all the previous steps. Once we feel like we’ve made everything by the book, then we can take that one big step and start our new business. Furthermore, there are some hobbies like yoga or meditation that can help to relieve pressure which is highly recommended for those people who suffer from anxiousness and stress.Other hobbies like going for a walk, having a cup of tea, reading a book or listening to music can also help you a lot when things get hard and you feel like stuck and overwhelmed. 

8. Productivity Formula

Here’s a formula that I can guarantee you didn’t know about and that it can easily burst your productivity in a very noticeable way. For every working hour you should, take a break for 17 minutes in which you can spread your time with any recreational activity like, breathing exercises, playing with your work mates, etc. Be sure to pick the best activity for you in order to spoil and recreate you so your brain and body won’t refuse or block after a long work time.

Sounds silly but when it comes to recreating us whenever we feel tired, overwhelmed or opposed to work a bit more, there are no steps neither rules to follow. We just look for stress relieving. But, how can all of these elements help us to stay positive while starting a new business? Well, if you take all of them and apply them, probably your environment won’t change but your attitude will surely do and that’s quite enough for you

Generally, a good attitude makes you see things from a better perspective and that helps you to clarify your thoughts, therefore, you will be able to keep a positive position to face situations easily. Starting a new business won’t be easy but won’t be impossible either. Make sure to have a plan, surround yourself with positive and helpful people, don’t work too much but don’t stop working either. Have fun through the whole process.

A re-creative mind will always give its 100%, therefore, your dedication, optimism, and goals will always be a priority and that will give as a result that you reach success whether we’re talking about work or in your social development also. Try to focus on the bright side every time you can. It’s understandable how people tend to hang on the bad aspects of life, but whenever you stick to the positive ones, I can guarantee that you’ll find solutions, ideas and clear thoughts when facing rough moments.

However and above everything, remember that with a good attitude, an optimistic mind and a non-stop hard working for accomplishing what you want, it’ll be a matter of time before you’ll reach success.Perseverance will guide you, positivism will help you and hardworking will pay you well. Give it a try!

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