Money-making Ideas for Kids

You think only B-school graduates can make great entrepreneurs? If that’s so, then you are clearly wrong. Kids with slightest enterprising attitude, can make great entrepreneurs if their ambitions are channelized well by parents. A few believe that money-making ideas, can make them materialistic at a very young age, but, that’s totally incorrect.

On the contrary, these skills teach children, firstly how to handle money and secondly, elementary mathematics in a unique way. It imbibes in them a spirit of accomplishment, which only few can achieve at a very young age. Thus, putting these plans to earn a few extra bucks to use during holiday time would help them develop a resourceful insight.

Art Designer

Kids have a power of perception, which makes them a refreshing change in the monotonous adult world. Capitalize on your child’s vivid imaginative skills, by molding them towards designing bags, earrings, anklets, paintings, greeting cards, craft, and origami items. Dangling mobile covers, glass paintings, lamps, pottery items, and clay goodies are some more options which can be easily made and sold to derive excellent remunerative rewards for kids.

Such opportunities for kids, provides a brilliant platform for showcasing the innate artistic realm, which is otherwise lost in pure boredom of vacations.

Magazine for Kids

Most mass communication and journalism students would die for an opportunity to work for a renowned magazine or start their own magazine. If your child harbors love for the pen, here’s your chance to hone it. Start a fortnightly routine of poems, paintings, write-ups, and other news articles that can be easily reported.

A simple A4 size paper can serve the purpose. Use social media optimization techniques to advertise the magazine and get friends and family to subscribe for it. What could be better than being your own writer and editor!

Dog Walkers

Babysitting wouldn’t be an ideal job, as it is slightly risky to leave toddlers with teenagers. Instead, there are a lot of working couples who have pets at home. Due to demanding professional lives, they cannot look after the needs of these pets.

Thus, looking after such pets while their owners are away, is a good idea for making some pocket money. Washing the pets, taking them out for timely walks, and training the pets are some activities that teach kids compassion towards animals and being responsible. And what’s more? Getting paid for it!


A bright child can always afford to go a little beyond books and help others. Children have an ability to understand their peers in a way that we adults cannot. This is primarily the reason why your intelligent child can make a good teacher.

Children younger than your child, having problems with understanding subjects such as history, maths, and science can make ideal candidates. This way your child unlearns and re-learns the subjects with a different perspective. Teaching can also give your child the opportunity of changing lives for better, by being an inspiration and motivating force of seeking students.

These ideas are in a large way an education opportunity for your child and for you to understand the importance of two aforementioned A’s (aspirations and ambitions). These holiday activities will help you understand your child in a new way through his inclinations. Lastly and most importantly, these early teachings could be the groundwork for your child’s serious career life.

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