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Major Email Marketing Automation Tools

For marketers, letting the existing and new customers get aware of the new product or service offerings in your company is important, especially when the customers are subscribing to some of the most recent offerings you have. Keeping them updated with your new offerings is done through email automation. 

Email marketing automation tools play a huge and impactful role in doing marketing stints. Statistics assert that email marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in terms of productivity in sales. The email marketing automation tools will enable marketers to reach more people and boost their brand awareness. In addition, this will also save time for marketers to create costly advertising campaigns. Through email automation, this will further reach the right people with the right message and moment.  Patching up with some basics and tools used in email automation are some of the things you should be reminded of in email marketing automation, which is crucial to reaching more people in the market. 

For marketers seeking the fundamental concepts of email marketing automation tools, here are some of the things you should take note of as a marketer. 

Importance of Email Marketing Automation Tools 

Typically, businesses that commonly implement email automation experience a 451% boost in terms of qualified leads. Consequently, email marketing automation tools enable you to generate more leads and close more sales with promising benefits. As digital marketers, this will enable you to enrich your resources and encourage yourself as a marketer to make use of numerous ways to let the customers get subscribed with some of your most recent product and service offerings. 

The use of email marketing automation tools will let you gather and report data easily. Email automation enables the customers to feel that they are special because someone sends a message to their email. The use of email automation will let them be more aware of the products and services you are offering in your company, and some channels where they can ask for help or cater to their concerns should they want to ask more questions. This will also target more customers and manage more leads in the sense that their needs and concerns coincide with your recent offerings. Of course, this can be further reached through the use of email marketing automation tools.  

There are numerous email marketing automation tools that are available; however, here are some of the most reliable tools that you can use.


One of the email marketing automation tools that I can recommend to you is MailChimp. In terms of functionality, MailChimp is user-friendly as this is accessible on iOS and Android. As of some email marketing automation tools that are available, this is one of the Editor’s Choice in terms of email marketing. In addition to its Alerts and Chat Support feature of the platform, MailChimp offers a great opportunity to reach more customers in your company. This will also let you create ads on Facebook and Instagram, which is also a great tool for social media marketing. 

For starters in marketing, you can actually use the free feature where you can send approximately 10,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. For small and personal businesses, this is highly commendable. In addition, it also has a built-in CRM feature that enables you to reach more customers and at the same time, improve more things in your email automation. They also offer opportunities that will improve and customize your email marketing automation. 


For content creators, one of the email marketing automation tools highly commended for bloggers and writers is ConvertKit. This seeks to help blog pages and sell the most recent product and service offerings through email. This has an affordable and user-friendly feature that will enable you to earn larger returns compared to social media marketing. This platform has a “write a letter to your friend” feature that enables you to just tell a story in an email and then insert your recent product and service offerings. 

For digital marketers who are just new to this platform, I highly suggest that you use their free trial feature so that you can actually test its tools and features. At $29 per month, you can actually have a free Sparkloop account that rewards subscribers when they refer new subscribers, Facebook custom audiences feature in running ads, a support team for assisting you further in the virtual aspect, and prioritizing the customer support feature. For businesses commonly marketing on their respective online platforms, this is highly commendable. 


Another email marketing automation tool that gives opportunities for marketers to create a harmonious blend of customer relationship management and marketing automation. This platform comes with a great CRM and eCommerce feature that allows you to establish great marketing campaigns. Perfectly commendable for small businesses, this platform offers a good opportunity to do email marketing, marketing automation, eCommerce, and establishing further customer relationship management. 

For marketers advocating for a great mixture of email automation and sales, this is a perfect tool that lets you send personalized messages and at the same time, advertise your recent product listings that come with an easy navigation feature. Starting at $199 a month for a minimum of 2500 contacts and 1 user, this enables you to customize a CRM feature, marketing and sales automation sent through email, through e-commerce, and the manner of sending it to your contacts and emails. 

For quickly launching campaigns, this platform gives everyone an opportunity to establish a great marketing automation tool that establishes personal connections and trust among clients. 


Should you want to make sure that there is a user-friendly and affordable email marketing automation tool, there is a platform that gives you a nice and affordable feature. For marketers starting to employ this platform, you can actually have a free plan for 60 days that includes marketing automation, and email automation which can let you send 300 emails per day. For paid features, like sending 10,000 emails for $25 per month, this can actually offer a great feature in terms of web tracking and lead scoring.

The unique feature of the platform is that it has a great email automation feature that allows marketers to track engagement behavior, assign lead scores, and send transactional messages. This also has an SMS marketing tool, which stands among all marketing automation tools. This email automation tool emphasizes the deliverability aspect of the platform where you can access smooth templates and the modern interface of the platform. However, for starters in the email marketing automation industry, you can only send 300 emails daily, which is a great start for testing this platform should you want to pursue more emails in the marketing automation industry.


Raising awareness for innovative marketing, one email marketing automation tool that highly emphasizes key areas in customer relationship management, marketing automation, and social media marketing is HubSpot where you let your business grow more in terms of boosting brand awareness and market reach. HubSpot is an affordable marketing automation tool that allows you to reach more markets. It is available for free but has a starting price of $50 per month which allows you to further interact with people in the email marketing automation industry. 

The additional unique feature in HubSpot is that it allows you to book the schedule of clients should they want a personal appointment. By means of connecting your Google Office 365 account, you can sync your calendar activities so that customers can see on what convenient schedule you are available. 


An email marketing automation tool that allows you to do email marketing, offer landing pages, customer relations management, and advanced automation is GetResponse. With a free trial version for starters and $ 25 per month intended for 2,500 subscribers, this will allow you to have many conditions to help segment your subscriber list instantly. As this offers useful and eases in terms of design and spam testing, GetResponse obtains this unique feature that allows starters to create sales funnels and landing pages for different aspects of your business.  

GetResponse only has a 30-day free trial plan, but do not worry because this platform offers affordable plans intended for sophisticated automation and capturing more customer leads. 

Zoho Campaigns

Lastly, there is an email marketing automation tool intended for small and midsize businesses to foster in terms of lead management, sales automation, contact and booking management, further interactions with customers, and a variety of analytic tools. Overall, in terms of affordability, Zoho Campaigns has the most affordable email marketing automation tool because it is annually billed for $30 per month.  

For starters, Zoho Campaigns offer a training class for marketers to use their platform. It can be in an online or self-paced manner where you get to access their materials and use the platform to utilize a great email marketing automation strategy. Especially for a team effort, Zoho Campaigns offer a collaborative feature where the team gets to do tasks collectively. For small to midsize businesses, this is highly commendable. 

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