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How to Get Great Customer Reviews

Brought by technology, products, and services offered by different businesses are becoming more available and easily accessible. In this way, people get to view product or service offerings without exerting any single effort to go into a physical store just to see the features. However, as time goes by, people get to be keen on the offerings online because of certain happenings. Some people say that the ads or product/service offerings are “misleading” the public, or do not completely disclose the full product information. 

Consequently, nowadays, companies targetting a growing market are seeking further development. To do such, asking or seeking customer reviews is a good start. Many people are getting keen on the features of a certain product and service. And before they make a purchase, prospect buyers tend to check customer reviews as a way of knowing how previous customers experience the product or service of a company. 

In this article, you will get to know the essentials and purpose of customer reviews and how to obtain great reviews and strengthen these to make sure that the market reach and awareness expands.

Why Do People Look at Online Customer Reviews?

When a certain product gets five-star or excellent reviews, there is a 270% chance that more people will buy it. This simply shows that you get to establish trust in people. People look at online customer reviews because they do not want to just buy the product or service for nothing. Moreover, good customer reviews could give an impression that the products or services are at peak quality and usability, giving the people an assurance that it will be worth the money. 

Questions like “What can I get from your product or service after purchasing this?” or “What can you assure me once I purchase this?” are typically asked when they are skeptical of a company offering. To effectively give more weight to the answers, customer reviews are one of the ways that you can consider. 

A good product or service rendered to a customer comes with a good customer review. A good customer review ensures a strong foundation in reaching other people. In short, you are not alone when raising brand awareness and reach because customer reviews are there to support you.  

The Importance of Asking Customers for Reviews

Marketers don’t just simply ask for reviews because of mere compliance purposes for the company. The main reason why you must ask customers for reviews is to make sure that you attest to what degree of assurance you have attained to them. To be honest, not all reviews are good. Some may seem to be undesirable or unexpected, but the importance of asking customers for reviews is that they usually serve as a strong ground for you to improve your product or service. Remember that an alive fish swims against the flow of the water. Same with marketing, you have to make sure that you gather customer reviews in order to see what features of the product or service you should strengthen with, or what areas in your product or service you should strengthen so that you can effectively have a wider reach in the market. 

In order for your company to grow through marketing, you should make sure that you ask for customer reviews. This will not just grow in terms of profitability, but this will also flourish in terms of innovation and creativity towards your company. 

Tips on Collecting Customer Reviews

As a marketing professional, obtaining customer reviews is challenging. For customers, usually say that giving reviews is time-consuming and nonsensical. This may be about the matter where companies do not value the reviews or sentiments of the customers. However, this is a big mistake in marketing. You do not just become a marketer to just generate marketing strategies to generate profit in the company, but you also get to nourish and nurture the existing market through appreciating every single thing that they want to say towards your company. 

It was asserted by Spiegel that every one-star increase gets a 5-9% increase in revenue. As a marketer, it is deemed to be important that collecting customer reviews is vital to the development of a certain company in terms of serving the customers or clients in a better way. 

In this section, you will get to know some tips that you can do in collecting customer reviews. Keep reading. 

Optimize Your Content

Once the customers access your site, make sure that they get to easily access your company site and easily leave customer reviews on your respective website. You can do this by optimizing your content, posts, profiles, and contact centers through the email address and telephone or mobile number. 

For easy access, you can do this by directing the visitors to your respective Facebook, Instagram, other social media channels, or any avenue that they can easily leave a review to your product or service in the company. Second, you can also optimize your website by enhancing the accessibility and be able to let people access the website through their mobile phones. In this way, they get to access your site and leave reviews irrespective of the pace, place, and time. Lastly, when asking reviews for customers through email, always remember the KISS principle, or what we call “Keep It Short and Simple.” People who are typically accessing emails are seeking immediate concern. If you want to obtain customer reviews, make sure that you do not have to write more leeways. Instead, make a direct to the point message to them. 

Create Incentives

Typical observations in customer reviews show that customers frequently complain about the same things about a certain product or service because their reviews are disregarded. In addition, the support team takes into a note some of the customer reviews yet the marketers were not able to absorb because of some constraints that they were just focusing mainly on the marketing aspect. 

As a marketer, you should learn how to effectively value the reviews of the customers so that they will be able to be more authentic in terms of expressing their reviews toward your product or service. To do this, make sure that you effectively create or foster valuable relationships among customers. Give customers a reason why they should leave a review. 

Should you want to value them, make sure that you offer your customers incentives in leaving review. In this way, they will be encouraged to leave reviews because they anticipate that they would be able to obtain incentives. This can be in the form of discount or coupon codes, free tickets to win a prize, gift cards or certificates, cold hard cash, or even freebies. In this way, customers get to be driven with expressing their feelings toward your product or service

Respond to Every Review — Even Negative Ones

Receiving negative comments about your company is an inevitable process. The company grows not just of plain success, but of course, a great interplay between success and failure. As a marketer, you have to make sure that you need to accept constructive criticisms. The world out there is sometimes nice, but more harsh. It’s like a great combination between salt and pepper. 

For sites or platforms where you gather reviews toward a certain product or service, people give satisfactory reviews, while some or maybe most are not giving satisfactory remarks. When you encounter customer reviews showing no satisfactory remarks, make sure that you have to handle that review without making any defensive remark towards the customer. This is learned through friendly customer service. Always know how to carefully respond to every review.

Share Positive Customer Reviews You’ve Already Received

When we receive negative comments, you need to take them into a note in order to make sure that you use these points to further develop a product. When receiving positive comments, make sure that you have to empower these comments and be able to share them with other customers so that other customers get to have the same satisfaction with other customers.

Many review sites like Google, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, Yelp, and other websites mark helpful reviews. In short, they typically highlight good comments and will ensure that there is strong visibility on the website. These platforms have an upvote feature where they get to appear on the top page so that people will see these comments above. 

If you have social media channels, you can share Facebook reviews on your page, or quote a review and retweet them on Twitter or post on your Instagram page. Remember that your company becomes more visible through your products or services when you highlight positive comments and inspire other people to have the same satisfaction. 

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