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How to Use Videos Efficiently for Online Marketing

Video marketing is a marketing strategy that entrepreneurs use in their campaigns as they endeavor to achieve their targets in a defined financial period. It may be used as a form of entertainment, training, or targeting an audience.

While many strategies have borne fruits in terms of increased sales and brand promotions, video marketing has had a competitive end, and it’s a niche that consumers have loved to be engaged in. With the current rise in technology, it’s a fact that consumers who have received information from the video campaigns, at least 76% of them have bought a product or the service of the brand being advertised.

An important goal you can easily reach with the help of video marketing is an improved return on investment. When people understand the product well by seeing it in a video, they get satisfied and use it with ease, and it continues to expand in the market.

Consequently, profits are realized, and return on investment improves. From the research of the people who used video marketing during their study for products, 52% of them felt that video rates better when calculating the ROI.

Furthermore, video marketing builds confidence with customers. By videos, potential customers become more confident about the products and wish to be associated with them. Consequently, they end up referring to others, and these boost social shares’ inclusiveness in the market.

Below you can find some practices on how videos can be used efficiently for online marketing

1. Creating a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers. Being a search engine that reaches over 1.5 billion people in a month, it’s worth considering creating one and optimize your videos.

People looking for a product will be excited to view such a video and connect with you. This could be a long-term business and build a dedicated team who will like and refer to other subscribers.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where a variety of professionals meet to exchange business ideas, look for people offering the service in need, and subscribe for the same. Professionals find it an excellent place to network and share some of the content like the B2B videos, which has high returns and has a rewarding experience.

One of the most important factors to consider when uploading videos on LinkedIn is to ensure that you are yourself, explain everything in detail to potential customers. In a while, your business will start booming with reputable clients who will also turn into repeat customers.

When impressed with your video content, they will share on their timelines, which becomes a boost towards awareness of the business and the services offered.

3. Use of Videos in Emails

Most of the official communications are done through emails. As such, adding a hyperlink when sending emails will help in building your business more. The existing customers will learn more about your products, have a personal touch with the same, and remain relevant to your business. 

Cold emailing is also another meaningful way of creating new leads and creating awareness to potential customers. In a real sense, a potential customer will be more attracted to watching a video rather than reading word by word.

4. Optimizing Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages are no longer entertainment pages. They help grow your business. Social media works magic, and your product can spread all over the world in one day. As you encourage people to like your Facebook pages, add the product videos, and take all the comments positively. Day by day, more people will continue watching any new videos.

5. Posting on Twitter Pages

As people continue to follow your posts on twitter pages, chances of getting new followers are high. For effective use of videos on twitter, edit the videos into short GIFs and add them to your tweets.

Since videos are of entertainment nature, people will feel entertained and engaged as they watch your posts.  This will lead to increased conversions, which may not have been aware of your products. Possibly their main social media channel is Twitter, and there you will close the business.

6. Creating a Website with Video Content

Websites are doing magic in the current day. In as much as it is educative, it’s also a way of advertising your services online. Post as many blogs as possible, provided they are relevant to your services. 

Ensure that the blogs carry along with them a hyperlink with the word video. Post the URL in the Facebook pages, Twitter, and all your social media channels. This will create awareness that you have an existing website, and people will watch your video from there. 

Have the option of allowing the customers to leave their feedback and contacts, and this will enable you to get back to them and close new leads.

This said and done it’s essential to know the type of content to include in your videos:

  • Create a list of the business values, which include the client’s testimonials and the staff testimonials. This will build confidence in the new entrants and have an urge to watch more of the information in the video.
  • Add any new features about your product and do it in a way to show that you are delivering the company’s news as you share the video on the social media page, elaborate the benefits of each product with confidence and create a sense of uniqueness and trust upon its use.
  • Post demo videos illustrating how to use the video and the prospective customers will understand better and ultimately opt to give a chance to try it out.

It does not matter the type of business you run; the bottom line lies in that campaign, and advertisements are the number one reason for a company revamp. Create unique videos and post them in the various channels available. You will be surprised to see how the business will have a turnaround in a short time.

Finally, whatever mode of social media you use to post the videos, respect the rules of the channel. This is the only way to remain relevant.

So do not wait and get started right now getting engaged in video marketing. If you are ready to do so but still lacking a good tool for producing and converting your videos, we recommend having a look at the video converter page which offers a large collection of online conversion tools for all kinds of video formats.

The app allows you to convert an .avi or .mkv video into the more compact MP4 format which is the best choice for sharing videos online. With the know-how of our review and this toolkit, you will be able to manage all the challenges of video marketing in the future.

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