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In-Store Marketing Tips Under the New Normal

In-store marketing is any sort of marketing that is done in a retail shop. It aids in promoting products and focuses on providing a quality customer experience. In-store marketing captivates the customer’s interest through a personalized experience. Higher customer engagement converts into increased sales. 

Though these classic truths about in-store marketing are promising and oftentimes effective, the rapid and drastic changes as well as challenges brought by the new normal terrain cause the business world to evolve and adjust to the prevailing call of times. 

Now here are some valuable tips in maximizing in-store marketing especially during this pandemic.

1. Conduct Market Research

About 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before purchase happens. Also, 77% of shoppers use mobile devices to inquire about certain products. The overwhelming majority of retail consumers start with online research to seek valid evidence from satisfied customers, advice from failed expectations from dismayed buyers and other important details about the products or services they are eyeing.  

In almost all retail verticals, the majority of shoppers start the research process with a search engine query because it is extremely hard to create, develop and provide high quality product of sought after services without first conducting at least basic or simple market research. 

Nowadays, purchases are made after a thorough process of inquiry about brand differentiation, its image or reputation, and other policies that affect its capacity to satisfy its customers or meet the buyer’s expectation. So it is therefore inevitable to spend time researching since numerous attractive and potential choices are available in just a click. 

2. Double Down on Social Media Marketing

To double down in marketing is to take further risks and uncertainties. It is to intensely focus one’s effort to achieve a certain cause or chase a definite course of action. The terminology originated from the card game Blackjack and through times is now being used by different sectors to describe an approach to challenges wherein there is focus, tremendous efforts, and resources are at stake. 

To double down on social media marketing is to invest generously on your social media presence. Utilizing digital marketing or social media marketing is worth all the investment at stake since it is enormously convenient and flexible. Since this is the trend of this generation, surely you will gain impressive profit and positive results from all your valuable efforts. 

Without realizing it, you will be able to stimulate business traffic and boost your conversions. 

3. Offer Promotional Discounts

Promotional discounts are incentives, discounts or credits given by sellers to customers as promotional strategies or marketing tactics. According to statistics, 92% of 2020 consumers in the U.S. utilized coupons to purchase. 

Discounts work wonders in the hearts and minds of the customers. New buyers are often attracted by promotional discounts. Creating custom-fit offers to clearly deliver the message about your products just like offering a free gift with every purchase is a great way to showcase your products and could lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Promotional offers supplements your marketing content that flaunts your brand while simultaneously increasing enthusiasm and urgency on the part of the prospect buyers and consumers. 

4. Leverage Influencers

An influencer is a person or a group that has the ability to persuade or influence other people’s behavior or opinion with regard to a certain product or service.  

Influencers from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and other sorts partner with companies or directly paid by companies to promote their products and services. 

Some people spend almost all their time on social media while others prefer watching videos or both. So it is essential that marketing strategists prepare their content to suit a variety of locations and formats. In other words, content must be flexible yet personalized enough that the audience or readers will find it engaging. 

Infuencer marketing must cover a large spectrum of audience so that it has larger reach. Influencers must be able to convince people to see his or her perspective, enabling them to try something new. Imagine the impact an influencer will bring upon your store when such influencer shares about his or her experience shopping in your store.

5. Enhance Your Window Display

Visual merchandising is crucial in the retail industry. Well organized and enhanced window displays optimize your presentation of products and services. Make sure to emphasize beneficial features to capture interest and engage prospects leading to long-term purchase. 

Creating an outstanding window display is the best way to showcase your company and the products and services it can offer. Through window displays you are sending a vital message to captivate potential customers’ interests. 

There are doable techniques to create visually striking window displays to get people’s interests.  There are specific details that must be given ample attention before arriving into what kind of technique is most suitable in your own context. First pay attention to proper lighting. Good lighting is the key in projecting the kind of impression you wanted to portray. 

Either you wanted to mix varied bright colors to appear festive or rather you install lightings that could add mystery to your space thus creating an intriguing aura to your products. Second, store layouts. Window display gives instant information to your prospects. They can get great ideas of what can be obtained out of your store. 

Investing in a great window display could be returned into increased sales and potential loyal customers through building a convincing positive image. It can also widen your scope through intensifying brand awareness which flaunt your unique features that makes you stand out from other competitors. In addition to these benefits, it is also an efficient means to highlight promotional offers. 

6. Promote Your Referral and Loyalty Programs

Offering a loyalty program as a promotional marketing strategy is remarkably beneficial to your company. It will aid you in retaining loyal customers and acquiring new ones since this type of marketing strategy is based on trust. People, in general, loved to be rewarded, so giving your loyal customers incentive for patronizing your product or company makes them feel valued. 

Using promo codes as a referral strategy is a great way to reward your loyal customers while giving the new ones to experience the quality of your products or services.

Thriving despite the pandemic is indeed a great challenge for everyone. Yet with all the information and technology available in front of us, success is possible—even in the face of threat and abrupt changes in this new normal. 

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