How to Market a Mobile App

Considering the numerous apps ready for download from almost four million stores, what difference can you make for you to stand out from the rest? 

A well-planned and well-tested marketing strategy is central for you to move forward and be on top of the users’ priority list.

Try the following tips and be rewarded as you will not only acquire repeat engagement but more importantly, gain loyal advocates for your app.

Conduct a Market Research

Administering market research before launching your app is necessary to make better decisions in almost every detail of the app you are building. 

Identifying and researching the most influential blogs, forums, groups and other social media sites will aid you in reaching and gaining app users. 

Market research uncovers the advantages as well as impracticalities of your company’s competitors aiding your business to develop your products and services. Research results assist businesses to implement continuous improvement based on guided and informed decisions. Ongoing market research and survey at every milestone of the mobile app development explains and probes how reliable the end-product for a certain target market.

If a company does not conduct market research, you are gearing towards failure and entail profit loss.  

Define Your User Persona 

Developing your user persona is one of the most practical means to collect feedback, insights, and effective ideas from your target group of consumers.

It is a proficient tool that converts data into a real humanized character with actual wants, motivations, and needs.

Research data turned into something that powerfully influences decisions on designs and other vital app developments utilizing valuable information from an existing person rather than a common or generic user.

Identify Your Unique Selling Points (USP)

When you scrutinize the core of every thriving company there is one vital factor that makes it exceptional: it’s unique selling point or also known as value proposition. Unique selling points or sometimes called unique selling propositions are essential in establishing businesses and its pricing power. 

Your USP clearly states detailed information of what your company stands for, the method of positioning your business in the market and your definite leverage over your rival companies. It separates you from your competitors providing you an edge to stand out among others. 

At a glance, your unique selling proposition entices customers by emphasizing the most appealing feature of your products. Moreover, it focuses your attention on what is necessary to cater favorably to the wants and needs of your target group of customers. Finding your unique selling points is crucial during the first launching of your product paving the way to the most significant customer experience

When you are certain of your unique selling points and confident that it matters to your target customers based on reliable research then the rest of the steps are easier to take and your business will surely soar.

Create a Website

Websites offer easy access between customers and sellers. Creating a website is like having a shop, office or customer service hotline. According to research 6 out of 10 customers expected businesses to have online access such as websites. 

Customers can see your opening hours, contact information, location and images of your available products or services rendered. You can also attach contact forms just in case there might be inquiries from potential clients. You can also acquire valuable feedback from loyal clients and existing ones. 

Creating a website opens a door that can never be shut. Customers will be able to find you in just a click anywhere and anytime at their convenience. It provides an avenue for them to contact you even beyond business hours and without any added pressure to purchase immediately. In other words you have an undeniable online presence 24/7. 

Business websites are an incredible channel for customer support. Providing answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ) will positively impact customer relations. 

Create and Promote on Socials 

In the US alone, about 82% of the population is active on social media. Recent statistics show that there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. Social media is everywhere.

It is indeed a no-brainer that social media is a powerful tool easily accessed by any sector for their own purposes and advantages. Social media provides a platform for people to connect despite local and social boundaries.

Moreover, countless possibilities are presented in a silver platter in a few clicks. Without much hassle, sharing user-generated content like photos and videos are great avenues to showcase your products and services. 

Consider Running Search Ads

Search engine marketing (SEM) software predominantly employed by marketing teams and advertising companies to optimize ads through proposing keywords readily identified for the advantage of your company. This creates online traffic through sponsored ad campaigns for your product. 

The campaign especially displays rare and unparalleled features of your app that differentiate you from your competitors. When you show your ad consequently your product will be on top of the search page gaining interest from countless potential customers.  

Running search ads is an edge for an immediate response in advertising. Inevitably these ads convert searchers into sales swiftly.  

Tap Into Influencers

Social media influencers in the marketing arena practice collaboration with their clients for significant online presence which use their influence to reach their clients’ marketing goals. In tapping social media influencers, one must consider the former’s statistics in selecting who will represent your company or business.

The actual marketing budget based on statistics is that 65% for social media influencers. This only manifests the marketing potential guaranteed by the countless online viewers. 

Have a Press Release

Social media is not the only way to acquire free press for your app launching or marketing. An effective article with a highly targeted press release can captivate the attention of both the traditional and unconventional media. 

Press release is a tool for public relations issued to the news media 

Writing and dissemination of your app’s press release are vital to the success of your app’s launching. Press releases can engage your customers and as a result, you can gain useful feedback. Gaining media attention with press releases is indeed a fresh way to launch your application.

There are 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide and still significantly increasing as you are reading this. There is no doubt that the future of the mobile app industry is guaranteed, not to mention the foreseen revenue of $935 billion by 2023

However, the key to thriving in this massive jungle of competitors is to clearly display the unique features of your app and to maintain its relevance in this fast-changing world. 

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