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How to Use Pinterest For Business Marketing

Do us a favor and check your mobile phone’s screenshot folder.

We can safely assume that more than half of your screenshots came from Pinterest’s array of visual content. Your screenshot is maybe about DIY balloon decoration for your son’s birthday. Or, it could be a screenshot of the seven-minute exercise to eliminate your love handles, or a house you’d one day call your home.

Pinterest is not new to us. But did you know that Pinterest is not just a social media app for personal use, but it is also an application that you can use for business marketing? Yes, you sure can! Business marketing is not limited to Facebook and Twitter. You sure can expand your horizons with Pinterest!

Now, before we go any further, let us first acquaint ourselves with important terms commonly used on Pinterest.

  • Boards: Do you still remember the cork boards we used in school? It is the same as that except now it is digital. Pinners (we will define this below as well) use boards to categorize pins. Users have the option to archive a board that they no longer want to see or receive notifications from. A pinner can create a group board where other pinners can give contributions. This is the same as creating an album on Facebook where your invited friends can also share photos.
  • Feed: Depending on what your recent searches are, Pinterest will suggest what will be shown on your feed.
  • Hashtags on Pinterest: Hashtags invented by Chris Messina function like hashtags on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Pinners: Pinners are Pinterest users.
  • Pincodes: You have the option of password protecting your board. You can create pin codes that you can share with your target customers.
  • Pins: A pin on Pinterest is equivalent to a post on Facebook. A pin links to a website.

So why Pinterest? Pinterest ensures that your brand has exposure to broader prospective customers. It has 459 million active users. That would mean whooping millions of new audiences. That would mean more traffic to your website or online store. That would mean more sales for you!

These 459 active Pinterest users have stated that they were able to purchase new products because they found them on Pinterest. Right now, it is the only app right now that supports visual search, which makes it more appealing to women who use the app to find inspiration for a new project or to shop.

As a business owner, you have the option of directly creating a business account. Or you can opt to convert your personal Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account. Or you can add a business account to your personal account. All three are for free!

Creating a business account is easy.

  1. Just go to
  2. Enter your email and password. Click “create account.” Insider pro-tip: use different email addresses for your business and personal accounts.
  3. Select your language.
  4. Choose your location.
  5. Enter your business name. Decide and choose the description of your business.
  6. Enter the URL link of your website.
  7. Link to your other social platforms.
  8. Decide if you will allow advertisements to run on your Pinterest account.
  9. Polish your profile. Pick a catchy profile picture and username.
  10. Claim your website analytics. This allows you to track your website and any pins linked to your account analytics.
  11. Now you can begin designing your boards and pins.

In order to be successful in using Pinterest for Business Marketing, you must remember to fully utilize Pinterest Analytics, group boards, rich pins, visual search functions, trending topics, and keywords. Don’t roll your eyes just yet. We will explain as concisely and as briefly as possible using 7 must-do for you.

You must keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual platform. To engage your potential customers, you must create pins that are visually pleasing. You must catch their attention at first glance. You must keep their attention to click on the pin and be brought to your website. You can do this by creating widgets, gift guides, playlists, reading guides, and giveaways.

Your Pinterest images are presented vertically to maximize space. Insider pro-tip: check your favorite pins. Study how they made the pin appealing to you. Apply it to your own pin. You can enhance and tweak here and there to make your pin even better!

You must remember to ride the wave when creating pins. Always take into consideration what is trending on Pinterest when creating pins.

You must use promoted pins for a guaranteed bigger audience; reach out. Yes, these pins are paid, but it must look like a regular pin. Your pins should not be too pushy, so they won’t offend your target customers.

You must take time to learn by heart Pinterest Analytics. This tool will provide your pins’ audience demographics, your most sought-after pins, your average viewers, and more. All this information will help you create a more customer-friendly pin.

You must add the Pin It button to your website. This will make it easier to pin your content and reach out to more possible customers. You must also add your website to every pin that you create. You can include your website in the description box and in the source for the pin.

You must use Rich Pins. Whether it be movie pins, article pins, product pins, recipe pins, and app pins. All these will enhance your pin to make it more customer-friendly. Rich pins will involve meta tags. But don’t let that scare you. Your developer can easily assist you with this.

You must actively participate in and create group boards. This will ensure that more audiences will be targeted. You must make sure that you carefully choose a category for each board to make it easier for people to find them.

Imagine the potential! Take note that Pinterest is still growing strong every year. And the good news is that it is not yet too late for you. Create your business account with Pinterest now!

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