Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Blog

We have probably heard of the term blog, the short term for a weblog. It is a personal online journal that is frequently updated for general public consumption. Obviously, this requires to you creates a website as a platform where you can post your blog and allow web citizens to view it.

This is where the term content management system (CMS) comes in, it is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content  a.k.a your blog. It is often used to support multiple users working in a collaborative environment. This CMS is essential for you in creating a blog and you must pick one the supports your wants and represents your blog image. Ease of application should also be in my mind and the technological advancement.

When it comes to choosing out a content management system (CMS), you actually have hundreds of choices, of course, that’s the internet you should know you got lots of choices. This may seem intimidating if you’re new to blogging but to help you out, this article will help you see that WordPress or is one if not the most trusted blogging platform and why you should use it for your next digital venture.

Often questions beginners ask is, why should use WordPress? Isn’t my old site good enough? Why do I need to switch to WordPress? People often make the mistake of classifying Word press as just a blogging platform. While that maybe the truth in the past year of CMS. From creating a simple blog to allowing you to create a fully functional website and applications, WordPress got your back. The smooth user platform and flexibility WordPress gives its user is the reason for a growth in popularity. 29% of a website on the internet is powered by

The features allowed by WordPress is a reason for huge companies to trust them, Facebook, Google, Disney, Sony, Linkedin, CNN, eBay and Time Magazine are just some of them. Here are reasons why WordPress is the best choice.

1. WordPress Is Free

WordPress is a free software, meaning you can download it freely on the net. Install, use WordPress to create any kind of website, whether for business or beauty review blogs. The source code of the software is an open source allowing you to study, modify and play with in. To add to your design and personal touch there are 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins available for free. Feeling uneasy on why WordPress is free?

It is because of open source, WordPress is community software, maintained by a large group of volunteers who serve as a consultant in a growing WordPress. Anyone can contribute to WordPress by writing patches, answering support questions, writing plugins, creating themes, translating WordPress and updating documentation.

2. Ease of Use

The WordPress interface is very easy to use and easy to learn. Everything from publishing a blog post, creating a page adding, an image, and uploading a video can be done in as little as a few minutes. The process of doing these stuff can be made simpler and easier.     Even if you have zero experience with HTML or CSS, the WordPress visual editor makes creating content a breeze.

3. Scalable

As you begin to grow and expand your reach, you’ll want to check if your platform can handle the load. WordPress has proven to be a digital foundation that fosters continuous growth. With WordPress, you have the power to publish thousands of blog posts, build multiple web properties or even start a business. Imagine you have the ability to distribute large amounts of content across the web in a short amount of time.

4. Up to Date

The core leadership team of WordPress regularly maintains and update its features and functions. And as mentioned earlier is an open source platform allowing anyone to contribute a code to it. It can mean hundreds of developers constantly work on improving and strengthening the platform. There is also a security team the ensure to close vulnerabilities and increase the protection of the software in each WordPress release.

5. SEO Friendly

 Search Engine Optimization was in mind when WordPress platform was created. It easily gives you the access to optimize your blog for the search engines. It does matter is you’re     changing interlinks between blog posts, adding alt tags, title tags, meta tags or permalink structure. WordPress gives you the ability to implement a strong SEO strategy for your blog.


6. Easy to Monetize

WordPress gives you lots of opportunities when it comes to monetizing a WordPress blog. You can build an e-commerce store with your website’s structure, add affiliate links to blog posts, or even sell your own products from your blog. WordPress lets you enjoy endless possibilities and easy implementation of multiple revenue streams within the platform. Once you gain trust and respect you can easily contact advertisers and increase your potential to make money. Advertisers are also more likely to entertain bloggers from WordPress.


7. Security

Everything might be going well but you should know that we live in a world full of cyber threats that may destroy your hard work. That’s why your blog’s security should be on the top of your list when choosing a CMS. Thankfully, WordPress is backed by a community of steadfast developers who are always keeping an eye on your safety. Moreover, there are also plugins that can add protection to your site or blog.

If you are beginners in WordPress you might want to check it out first and read blogs and reviews about it. But WordPress has never failed to bring possibilities and career options. Start reading how to walk through the entire process of starting your own WordPress blog.

We hope this article answered your “why” in choosing WordPress.

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